Matt Briscoe, Managing Editor of South Texas Monthly

Here begins something new. Welcome to South Texas Monthly, I’m Matt Briscoe the Managing Editor of this new and exciting magazine that begins right now.

This magazine is about life here in South Texas and we’re going to talk about it. And we aren’t going to hurry through it, either. We will have time every month for a feature story—so we’ll do that. We will talk about things that matter most: Family, education, the economy, healthcare, oil and gas, and a good dose of sports, too.

We will cover the news and those who make decisions for the rest of us—and we won’t pick a side. We’ll share stories of culture, religion and history. We will have serious essays on serious topics and stories online that compliment our print edition.

And with that, so it begins. Something new and something old—it all starts, right now.

Matt Briscoe