If we told you that there was a seafood place in Corpus Christi that had some of the best burgers around you might think that we were crazy, but it’s true! If you have noticed one thing about us by now is that we love to eat and we take no shame in letting the world know where our favorite dives are around South Texas and yelling to the world just how great they are! As far as seafood goes you Shempy’s our between Aransas Pass and Rockport and they do a fine job at presenting their craft. But what if somebody in the crowd wants a burger and everybody else wants seafood? Then the only answer in our opinion is Oso Pier. 

If you aren’t familiar with Corpus then you might have a bit of a time locating this revived relic from back in the day. It sits right at along the area where Corpus Christi Bay meets the Oso and it is painted a yellowish color and looks like it’s about to fall apart—but don’t judge a book by its cover because what’s inside is a magical wonderland of days gone by. 
Complete with a parrot in cage, a real life rooster and a dog often seen roaming the front vestibule you almost immediately get the idea that this place is different. There is a fishing pier outback where drum and other species of bay fare are often caught. There is music (albeit a bit loud) on the stereo and a “poop deck” that is perfect for enjoying a meal while taking in the beautiful bay and breezes. 
Do yourself a favor and order the Oso Burger. Perfectly cooked to order and served in a sweet bun that rivals few that we have found here in South Texas or even the world for that matter. You can smell it cooking in the kitchen and your taste buds start going 90 miles a minute almost the second that you smell it being prepared. 
Now, we are here to tell you that for us to spend $13-$15 on a burger it had better be darned well worth it—and it is. But beyond the food, the place has a story. 
Believe it or not, Oso Pier used to be a pretty popular hangout and fishing destination. After going into a state of disrepair for several years and nearly going extinct, a local entrepreneur and some pretty insightful friends decided that they could put it back together again and give it new life. They found it. 
Of course the seafood is great and you can get a Blue Bell Ice Cream Float (if Mario the electrical guru and cook doesn’t eat it all) and the drinks are cold just like you’d expect. On this day, we didn’t take time to fish off the pier out back—but we sure could have if we would have had the time.