Kathleen Herzog

South Texas Journal 

One of my favorite things to do is fly and one of my favorite aircraft to do it in is an Airbus A-380. When I fly back home to Texas once every few weeks to visit family from my home here in Germany, I usually jump on one of the Lufthansa flights that takes me directly into Austin and it works out perfectly! 

But one thing that I have noticed and perhaps I love the most about living here in Germany is that there are so many cultural parallels with Texas! Here in Germany they love their beer, they love their food and they yes, they love their music. In fact, one of the biggest treats that I sometimes give into is the occasional country music concert here in Germany. It’s not like you’d expect though! Often it’s more like 6th street in Austin—but cleaner and more respectful, of course. 

But did you know that one thing that they love in Europe is traditional country music? It’s really true! There is a record shop not far from where I live and the coolest thing is to go in there and find an Ernest Tubb record or maybe, if I’m lucky I can find an old Bob Wills record or three. 

But guess what happened to me the other night? I was at home under the lantern lights at my home in rural north Germany when I hear a knock on the door. I was a little bit startled because nobody ever really knocks on my door here unless it is my neighbor, who I knew wasn’t home at this time.

“Entschuldigen Sie,” the man said in his native German. Translated that simply “excuse me.” 

He proceeded to ask me in German who I was listening to in my backyard? Now, I’m really confused because I didn’t think that my music was really that loud, but I guess it was—anyway, back to the story. 

In German I told him that I was listening to Lyle Lovett, to which the man’s wife grinned with a happiness that only comes from recognizing something familiar that you don’t often get treated too. 

So, I figured what the Hell? I did the rural European thing and invited them in and we sat out back listening to Lyle Lovett music through my Bluetooth speaker in Germany. 

It causes me to reflect on the fact that we just are not much different at all if we really think about it. In reality we are all kind of just all in the same boat here on this rock, right? 

P.s. How I went from writing about my life in Europe compared to my former life in South Texas to writing about my new friends and Lyle Lovett I will never know! 

See ya from the world South Texas! 

Love ya,


About Kathleen Herzog: Kathleen is a professional photojournalist for a globally recognized magazine and a staff consultant to South Texas Journal. Herzog resides near Wittstock, Germany but is originally from Fredericksburg, Texas. She will occasionally write columns in print and online for the South Texas Journal.