Good Sunday morning, I’m Matt Briscoe and here is your Sunday Morning Notebook.

It was a cold and dreary week this week around South Texas but the sun finally came out and forecasters say that we can expect a light warming trend through the early part of this week. That is certainly good news for those of us who enjoy springlike temperatures.

The design work on the new Harbor Bridge over in Corpys Christi has come to a hault after state regulators decided to look into the architecture firm behind the project. They happen to be the same firm that was behind a bridge collapse that killed several people in Florida a few years back. The move came after federal regulators released their findings in that investigation. The project is already well behind schedule as it is.

Hunters around South Texas are gearing up for deer season. Hunting blinds are going up, signs for processors are being set out and bags and bags of deer corn are being set out almost everywhere. The bad news is that the deer corn will be slightly more expensive this year due to tarrifs and trade issues. Couple that with increased demand and prices for sure start to rise. The good news is that it did not rise much but hunters will likely see a slight increase.

In sports the big teams won this Friday in High School football. Big wins for Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial, Flour Bluff, Calallen, Miller, Sinton and Rockport. They will be moving to the UIL Area Playoffs next week.

So for now, that is our Sunday notebook. Hope you have a great Sunday and a great week ahead.