In a unified call to action Thursday morning at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi a very passionate crowd spoke against a proposed 5% rate hike that will likely be given consideration when the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association meets on Tuesday. 

Calls in opposition came from leaders and citizens from around the region and this time, they all seemed to be more adamant than ever that the proposed rate increase was not just uncalled for, but even discriminatory. 

The event was organized by the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce and was seemingly well attended. Representatives from local and state government both let their voices be heard and members of the community members rallied right alongside. 

“Things can happen when we come together,” Corpus Christi City Councilman Ben Molina said to the crowd. “We as a community have come together over this.” 

Others, like LULAC’s Susie Saldana took the line that an increase of any amount was pure discrimination. Saldana has been extremely outspoken about the so-called “association” and their overall attempts at discriminating against coastal residents. 

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“They are discriminating against us,” Saldana told the group. “They are discriminating against us as a people and we are not going to take it.” 

Others noted how a rate increase is simply bad for area businesses and how the formulas and data used by TWIA is potentially flawed. 

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Outspoken State Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) continued his call for transparency and stood with area leaders and citizens in their opposition. Rep. Hunter noted how the group has failed to be transparent and how the insurance dominated organization consistently sways decisions in their favor. 

To end the event, Rep. Hunter urged attendees to pick up “No Rate Hike” signs and put them in their yards and all around the venue on Tuesday as the meeting unfolds. “Let’s make sure we give them a REAL warm welcome,” Rep. Hunter closed. 

The TWIA Board of Directors is set to meet on December 10 at 8:30 in the morning at the same Omni Hotel as today’s press conference. There, Debbie King, who chairs the committee that is suggesting the rate increase is expected to present the formal recommendation to the Board of Directors for potential action. 

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*Over the coming days we will be releasing a special section “The Audacity of TWIA” which will be made available before the meeting.