Republican candidate for Texas House District 34 James Hernandez might be a fairly newcomer to Texas politics. But something he did earlier in the week on Tuesday may have earned him a lot of respect among likely voters.

When TWIA officials decided to hold up the meeting to pass a microphone around the room in order to record every attendees name on official public record, Hernandez decided to take matters into his own hands and cast a overwhelming first blow at the already unsteady footed and wobbly Board of Directors.

Hernandez challenged the group by calling for an end to the game that they were playing as a stall tactic to thin out the crowd.

“I was fueled with mixed emotions that morning,” Hernandez said. “I got there very early to ensure I would be able to find a seat up front and sign in for public comment.”

“As the meeting started I noticed they were dragging their feet. When they asked everyone to state their name and occupation I was shocked,” Hernandez said. “I was shocked because that was totally unnecessary.”

The roll call of attendees was not necessary because as you entered TWIA had the customary sign-in sheet outside by the door and the customary gatekeepers keeping close watch ensuring compliance. But to TWIA that did not seem lime enough this time around, but by this point Hernandez had already had enough.

“I took the opportunity to tell them their was a sign in sheet outside not to mention they were wasting the time of the audience,” Hernandez said of the incident. “I felt there was several stall tactics used so that the public would get discouraged. Like many others, I had to leave early for work.”

“You need to quite playing these games,” Hernandez told the Board with microphone stretched towards the Board, as if to dare them to come and take it from him. “You are stalling and taking up time here for no reason and we need to get on with it and stop playing these charades.”

Hernandez then followed it up with “some of us people have to go to work so we pay your premiums. We don’t have time for this.”

Then came the cheers of support for what Hernandez had said and did. It was followed by that awkward silence until the Director said “Go ahead, bring up the microphone. Let’s go ahead and move on.”

Hernandez is an electrical contractor by trade and he told the South Texas Journal in am interview that in the hours after Harvey, he was already called to work to help people get their lives back in order.

“Homeowners all over the coastal bend had their electrical services knocked out,” Hernandez said. “I lowered my rates to help my neighbors yet TWIA has the audacity to want to raise their rates?”

“My question to TWIA was very simple: Have you ever held a crying widow in your arms? Have you ever held a veteran on a fixed income?,” said Hernandez in an interview. “I have and it is heartbreaking. There are still people today with tarps and tar holding their roof together, waiting on a check from TWIA.”

In the end, Hernandez made it clear just how he felt about the insurance heavy association. “You are mobsters shaking us down in good times and bad. That is something only mobsters do. That is you that is TWIA.”

***Disclosure: The company in which James Hernandez owns, Landmark Electric has been a monetary supporter of the South Texas Journal and our affiliate The Southside Light in Corpus Christi.