Contrary to some social media reports and rumors that are floating around the area there is currently no water boil notice in place after an infrastructure that happened near Oso Bay Monday evening.

A broken wastewater pipe has resulted in a discharge into Corpus Christi Oso Bay from a wastewater line near the City of Corpus Christi’s Oso Wastewater Treatment Plant on Monday and it was causing a good bit of buzz on social media.

According to the City, officials were  notified Monday afternoon about a fish kill in a creek located along the Oso Golf Course. The city said in a statement that crews immediately responded to the area and established isolation booms to contain the spill. They used drone technology to assess the situation and are actively working on identifying the location of the pipe break.

They also said that a contractor is currently cleaning the creek and they were not able to provide an accurate estimate as to the amount of wastewater discharge.