Updated February 16, 2020

This article has been updated to remove photo provided to the STJ that have since been called into question. Adds information pertaining to a current Public Information Request.

Serious accusations of sexual misconduct have now been brought up against Texas Railroad
Commissioner Ryan Sitton. The allegations come from a female who has claimed to have had an ongoing sexual relationship with Sitton for at least the last two years and began while the accuser was working at a Houston area nightclub.

In a videotape provided by the accuser, a man that she identified as Sitton is seen performing violent sex acts on the female subject which she claims were unwanted.

While the victim claims that Sitton preformed numerous fetishes and acted out what she called “racial fantasies” on her during sex, it is what she alleges next that makes the matter even worse.

In the tape, the that she identifies to be Sitton stands over her head forcing her to preform oral sex on him in a violent manner. During the act, the man identified as Sitton tells the victim to “do your (expletive) job.”

The victim was able to produce documents showing that at one point she did in fact work for Sitton’s engineering firm from between late 2017 until sometime in middle 2019. During which time, emails and text messages were produced by the victim that show Sitton had apparently paid for her to travel to places such as Dallas and Austin with him. Prior to that, the victim worked at a Galveston area bar.

The accuser also provided text messages that are allegedly of conversations between her and Sitton. In them Sitton says that he wanted the victim to travel to Austin and wear a white outfit that he seemingly liked. Other messages show that Sitton may have even arranged for the victim to have sex with a former political opponent, which she claims happened on more than one occasion.

The victim also produced emails which Sitton is apparently telling her how he wanted to have rough sex with her in the Governor’s Mansion and play out racial fantasies with her. In the exchange he explains how this is just part of “Black History.”

When she questions him regarding it by saying that she believed Sitton was “fibbing” about Stephen F. Austin having sex with African mistresses in the Governor’s mansion, Sitton replies “well fibbing is what the whole (expletive) commission does”.

Racial and sexist text messages that reportedly came to the victim from Sitton.

At the end of that particular exchange, Sitton tells her that she will always be his “slave girl” in the Governor’s Mansion. As a matter of record, Stephen F. Austin was never Governor.

The accusations could have far reaching effects on Texas Republicans if they even remotely true, making a way for Texas Democrats to possibly hold their first statewide elected position in more than 20 years, unless somehow he is either found ineligible to hold office or is beaten in his primary race.
One democratic operative here in Texas said that they have been shown and provided with medical records and other evidence that indicates further evidence of wrongdoing, including the possibility of there being even more victims.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and Texas Republican leadership may ought too, as
well,” the source said on Thursday.

Aside from the sexual misconduct allegations brought up against Sitton this week, at least two small businesses near Sitton’s home in Friendswood, south of Houston claim that Sitton still owes them small sums of money for goods and services that were rendered and were left unpaid. Sitton, who owns Pinnacle Arts, an engineering firm claiming to have 900+ plus employees ended up leaving these two small businesses on the hook for hundreds of dollars.

And as if things could not get any worse, an audio tape of Sitton at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner held in Dallas last year has surfaced where a man identified as Sitton is overheard on a hot mic saying “I will do my best Beto impression but I am not explaining how Wayne and I think that Christi (fellow Railroad Commissioner and Chairperson Christi Craddick) is a Lebanese Cunt,” making reference to the fact that Craddick’s mother is of Lebanese decent.

Shortly after the statement, Sitton goes on stage thanking Congressman Pete Sessions and then goes into an impression of former Congressman Beto O’Roruke, noting how he could mimic similar hand gestures.

Sitton has challenged Craddick numerous times while as a commissioner. In a notable exchange, Sitton challenges Craddick in open meeting over a personnel matter involving a former employee which under most circumstances would have normally be handled in a properly called public meeting.

Earlier in the week prior to running the story high ranking Republican managers in Texas were allowed to review the documents, see the video and other evidence provided. Sources confirm that they had questioned Sitton about the incident and he “initially denied” the claims but they would not elaborate on what was said further into their questioning. Since the initial release of this story further information has been provided to the STJ which is being analyzed. A preliminary Public Information Request was also filed with the Commission regarding communications between Sitton and his Chief of Staff/ General Counsel which could lead to further scrutiny. It is likely that they will ask the Attorney General for an opinion.

We have reached out to the Sitton campaign for comment on both allegations, but as of post
they have yet to issue a formal statement.rsitton8215_1560175815319_91561727_ver1.0