Official in San Antonio hold a press conference after officials accidentally release Coronavirus patient

After a female patient was accidentally released from the hospital over the weekend, health officials in San Antonio say that they have identified at least 16 people who may have been exposed to the virus.

The patient was released after officials said that she had passed two tests for the Coronavirus last week. Officials then say that after further testing was completed, the patient was contacted and asked to return to the hospital for treatment.

During the 12 hour period that the patient was in public she was checked into a Holiday Inn hotel near the San Antonio International Airport. From there, officials say that she went to do some shopping at the nearby Northstar Mall where she went to the food court and ordered food.

Officials say that they expect there to be a low risk exposure for most of the public and that they have made contact with both the hotel owner and officials at Northstar Mall advising them of the situation.

Bexar County officials advised both to do what they call a deep cleaning of their facilities out of an abundance of caution.

Most of the persons that officials identified were healthcare workers who came into contact with the patient at the hospital. Two of them are considered medium risk.

This is a developing story.