gray concrete road between trees
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On this Saturday may we pause to recognize that we as individuals have the right, the option and the will to choose whichever pathway that we want in life. However, for all of us that end is the same. What lies beyond that earthly end can be debated, but we are all going in the same direction.

In Austin you have the choice of either taking the Upper Deck or Lower Deck of Interstate 35 through downtown. While yes, the exits may take you different places, following it directly through will take you to the same place regardless of which deck you are on. Just up the road on that same Interstate you see it again North of Hillsboro where I-35 splits to East and West. One goes through Dallas, the other through Fort Worth. Regardless, the both meet up again together around Denton. Two very different routes, but the end is the same.

The Hindu leader Manmohan Singh once said that “the path may be different, but the goal is the same.” Those words are a pillar of that faith, recognizing that we all may choose a different way to get to the other side, but the end is the same.

Let us pray together that we shall see our common goal and recognize that we are all in this together, even though the way that we get to the goal might be different. Let us bow before our higher power and be mindful that we all have choices to make.

Be Thoughtful. Be Kind. Be Wise.

Be humble in your prayers and deeds.