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At The South Texas Journal “Stands with South Texas” is our brand promise and we celebrate everyday heroes, hold the powerful accountable and honor the core values of fairness and reliability. For us, ‘Stands With South Texas” has become more than a marketing slogan.

We stand up for people who do the right thing. We celebrate everyday heroes, and honor those who are tenacious. We protect our families, neighbors and communities. We expose rogue politicians and villains for what they are. We believe tough times can be overcome by even tougher people. When the chips are down, character and tenacity carry us through. We never give up.

We are not Democrat or Republican. We are individual, unique and united. We believe that our votes matter as much as those that are cast in Houston and Dallas. We believe that we have a voice and we believe in using it.

South Texas is a region of ethnically diverse communities and a place we’re proud to call home.


Matt Briscoe

Matt Briscoe was born in San Antonio and raised in nearby Floresville, Texas. His father and grandfather both worked in the South Texas oilfield and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Matt was raised on a family near former Texas Governor John B. Connolly and his ranch. Matt’s love for news started at a very young age.

As an adult Matt would become deeply engaged in covering impactful stories, conflict and disaster. He traveled the world as a conflict and disaster reporter for nearly 15 years for respected news organizations such as BBC, CBC, Sky News and Al Jazeera. But his heart was always in Texas.

In 2016 he left his traveling days behind him and came home to Texas where he started the Hill Country Tribune and HCTX News, which eventually became a CNN affiliate in the Hill Country. He covered stories for the Austin Statesman, KXAN, CBS Austin and even major news networks. He was one of the first news reporters to report live from the scene of the Sutherland Springs tragedy. He has also done work for the popular website The Daily Beast.

In 2018 he would decide to sell HCTX News and move back to where his heart always was–South Texas. Matt and his family made their home in Corpus Christi and after a short stint at KRIS 6 news he started The Southside Light, a hyperlocal newspaper in Corpus Christi and The South Texas Journal.

See some of Matt’s work below:

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